Archer and U.S. Air Force Collaborate on Groundbreaking $142 Million Contract for Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft

Archer and U.S. Air Force Collaborate on Groundbreaking $142 Million Contract for Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft
IMAGE: Archer
Archer and U.S. Air Force $142 Million Contract for Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft
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Archer Aviation Inc. (NYSE: ACHR) is proud to have signed a series of contracts with the U.S. Air Force that are estimated to total $142 million, which demonstrate their confidence in Archer's advanced electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft technology. In this new agreement, they are expected to deliver up to six of its Midnight aircraft, as well as associated flight test data and certification reports for assessment, and will provide guidance on pilot training and how to maintain/repair operations. This partnership is designed to strengthen national defence by introducing cutting-edge solutions into the military.

IMAGE: Archer

Since 2021, Archer has been working with the Department of Defence through the American Forces Airworks Exchange (AFWERX). This collaboration is to evaluate the impact of vertical flight markets and eVTOL technologies for military operations. Archer has just wrapped up the fabrication of the first Midnight aircraft, which is equipped with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, a 1,000lbs payload capacity, an original electric powertrain system, and low disruptive noise production.

In light of this breakthrough, the DoD recognises that Midnight aircraft can revolutionise defence aviation by providing faster response time, enhanced agility, and increased efficacy for various missions ranging from personnel transportation to emergency relief endeavours. On top of all that, these planes are expected to be much more secure and quieter than helicopters and less expensive for U.S forces to move, operate and fix at remote locations.

IMAGE: Archer

In May, Archer formed their Government Services Advisory Board with the intention of deepening their interaction with U.S. government and public safety organisations to explore possibilities of capitalising eVTOL planes. This board consists of a prominent lineup including Generals Steve Townsend, David Krumm, Clayton Hutmacher and Bill Gayler as well as Chief Warrant Officer 4 Michael J. Durant; the board members are assisting in connecting Archer to government officials in order to progress deliberation and implementation of its eVTOL aircraft and linked technologies.

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