Artifact's Enhanced Links Feature Transforms it into a Multi-dimensional Platform

Artifact's Enhanced Links Feature Transforms it into a Multi-dimensional Platform
Image: Artifact
Artifact's Enhanced Links Feature Multi Platform
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This spin on an existing concept is a social network that celebrates the greatest internet content, enhanced by artificial intelligence capabilities.

Artifact is moving closer to its vision with Links – a new section in the app. Now, you can post links to anything – be it an article, video, recipe, real estate listing or game. You can also attach a note, images or AI-generated summary to it. On opening the Links tab, users will find a personalised For You page of all the videos and other content from around the web.

Additionally, one can switch to the Following tab and check out what has been shared only by people they follow. Artifact's Links feature is available for iOS users; Android users will have to wait a bit longer to post links themselves.

The concept of Artifact's Links app is a daring one, with no certainty it'll be successful. It would provide an individualised solution, where you'd find content tailored to your likes instead of the general news and reading apps available now. The team wanted something more than just news as its source material; something that recalled the days of Digg and Delicious, when users were free to explore and discover new topics at random. While Reddit still has some of these qualities, it is not quite as accessible for casual browsing they hoped for. Thus, Links hopes to revive this remarkable and lost opportunity.

Image: Artifact

Links may create a breed of link influencers, or 'Linkfluencers', on Artifact. Here, users can build followings around specific topics or be known for curating great content. This is similar to the way Flipboard has embraced magazines and curation, but it focuses more on the individual than the publication itself - much like Twitter at its peak with users tweeting and retweeting content into user feeds. The big question here is how does Artifact motivate creators? Systrom's idea of driving traffic from Artifact to personal content elsewhere is interesting, but in the end monetization for creators will have to be established. As yet, it's unclear where Artifact fits in this dynamic ecosystem.

Artifact is implementing a new feature and revamping its user profile pages--which now display a user's comments, articles, links, who they follow, and who follows them--by mimicking the look of Instagram profiles with a photo-based grid and Follow button. It could also have an option for accessing the app from a PC: be it through a Chrome extension for posting or by allowing for more interactive features such as reading. They understand that many curators and posters will need desktop compatibility, just like what Instagram has implemented with Threads.

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