Breaking: Polestar 3's $20M Marketing Budget: How Will the Brand Stand Out?

Breaking: Polestar 3's $20M Marketing Budget: How Will the Brand Stand Out?

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Polestar, a pioneering automaker, is introducing their first crossover SUV - the Polestar 3 - in North America and is making a major effort to push its success.

Polestar 3 model, a "performance electric SUV", as it is commonly referred to as a crossover. This is the first of its kind from the brand and will be available in the U.S. during the fourth quarter of 2023. It will initially be produced in Chengdu, China, and then a year later in the Volvo plant located in South Carolina. As Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar expressed: "We are providing Americans with an American-made product".

In order to make an impact amongst the competition, Polestar will be launching a large-scale marketing campaign worth $20 million for their 3 model on April 4 - which coincides with its North American introduction at the New York International Auto Show. This budget surpasses what they spent in the first quarter of last year, where they had an advertisement during the Super Bowl. Other aspects of the campaign include television, digital, and out-of-home ads such as billboards.


Gregor Hembrough, Polestar U.S. head say's they are confident that the Polestar 3 will resonate with American consumers with its out-of-home campaign in key markets, complemented by network and cable television, as well as solid social media awareness.

According to Hembrough, the midsized premium crossover segment is significantly larger than that of luxury sedans and North America is the leading market for Polestar. The 3 will enter the scene with an $85,300 base price and limited configuration options. Customers can also lease the vehicle. To further promote the model, Polestar plans to open Destination stores in suburban locations, possibly with service departments, which will feature a limited stock of around 12 vehicles.


In the long-range, dual-motor version with a performance pack, the Polestar 3 will achieve maximum power of 517 horsepower and 671 pound-feet of torque. The sprint from zero to 60 will take just 4.6 seconds. In the non-power pack iteration, the Polestar 3 ranges up to 300 miles using a big 111-kWh battery. According to Polestar 3 designer Maximilian Missoni, it oozes performance and SUV personality.

In addition to the smart zone up front, the Polestar 3 carries some concepts from the Precept concept car. The Polestar 5 will be the production model, and the sporty Polestar 4 will debut in 2024. With the Model 2 launched in 2019, Polestar, a company partnered with Volvo and Chinese automaker Geely, enjoyed a good year in 2022, with a revenue increase of 84% to $2.5 billion. 51,500 vehicles were delivered in 2022.

The CEO has a few exciting tweets to share with us.

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