Volvo Joins the EV Revolution by Embracing Tesla's Universal Charge Port

Volvo Joins the EV Revolution by Embracing Tesla's Universal Charge Port
IMAGE: VOLVO - From 2025, Volvo's electric cars will take advantage of the NACS port, meaning they'll be able to connect to Tesla's expansive Supercharger network.
Volvo Joins the EV Revolution by Embracing Tesla's Universal Charge Port
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Volvo has made the decision to utilise Tesla's charging port, which allows access to their vast Supercharger network. This is known as the North American Charging Standard and it will be present in Volvo's electric cars starting from 2025; for those with existing models, year 2021 will bring an adapter. They are the first foreign carmaker to announce such a change, following in the footsteps of Ford, GM and Rivian.


A great change in electric vehicle charging is accelerating, with more and more car producers consenting to employ Tesla's exclusive North American Charging Standard—or NACS. Most recently, Volvo revealed an agreement with Tesla to implement its USA-based charging technology.

Starting in 2025, Volvo's all-electric vehicles will be equipped with a NACS port, allowing them to tap into Tesla's expansive Supercharger network across Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The charging system currently contains over 12,000 fast-chargers and is expected to keep expanding. It was Jim Rowan, Volvo CEO, who noted that access to convenient charging infrastructure is a major inhibitor of more people making the switch to electric driving – an important step towards creating a more sustainable transport system.


Owners of Volvo's pre-NACS models shouldn't worry, as the company has announced that an adapter will be available for their vehicles to connect to Tesla chargers. This includes all current EVs in Volvo's lineup - the XC40 Recharge, C40 Recharge, newly unveiled EX30, and upcoming three-row EX90 SUV.

Volvo has announced that the CCS-to-NACS adapter will be available during the first half of 2024. The price is yet to be determined, and the automaker also intends to provide a NACS-to-CCS adapter for those wanting to charge their vehicle's battery with this style of charger from 2025 onwards.

Volvo is the first overseas manufacturer to vow to utilize Tesla's charging port, with U.S. automakers Ford, GM, and Rivian preceding them. Discussions indicate that Hyundai and Stellantis could be the next ones to embrace NACS technology.

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