Lucid Apple CarPlay: Reports of Slow, Lags & Minor Glitches!

Lucid Apple CarPlay: Reports of Slow, Lags & Minor Glitches!

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The Lucid Air is undoubtedly a top-of-the-line all-electric vehicle. Nevertheless, there were some doubts concerning its software, prompting electrified car aficionados to cheer when the automaker declared that Apple CarPlay is now part of every Lucid Air's standard equipment last month.


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EV owners have commented that Edmunds’ CarPlay experience was peculiar, since other vehicles have had no issues with the system. Lucid Air owners even posted videos to prove that Apple CarPlay runs smoothly. Additionally, they suggested that the iPhone might have been in low power mode, which could explain the lack of speed.

The review group showcased the Lucid Air's Apple CarPlay in one of their videos, and although it operated, a lot of users on social media noticed that it seemed to be running sluggishly. This provoked a reaction from some electric car experts who pointed out Edmunds’ post about the car's enhanced infotainment speed even though what they show was an unresponsive CarPlay.


''Last year, our Lucid Air’s infotainment was buggy and lagged. Today, responsiveness has improved and CarPlay functionality has been added — now we’re just trying to make it more aesthetically pleasing…'' Edmunds VIA Twitter

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EV owners commented that Edmunds' trial of CarPlay was strange, given that it runs without any problem in other cars. Lucid Air proprietors posted clips of the service working perfectly. It was also speculated that the iPhone could have been operating in low power mode, possibly leading to a poorer outcome.

Additional News

Lucid Motors Apple CarPlay Integration

Lucid Motors recently released their flagship Air sedan, two years ago - and now they are finally delivering on the promise of all four original trims. That's been resolved now, as Lucid has confirmed that CarPlay will come standard with each trim.

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BlackRock has placed a large wager on Lucid Motors ($LCID). The investment giant is taking a sizeable stake in the electric vehicle (EV) maker. It's clear that BlackRock believes Lucid Motors shares can deliver solid returns, and they're positioning themselves to take advantage of the potential upside.

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