Ferrari To Enter The EV Arena in True Enzo Ferrari Style

Ferrari To Enter The EV Arena in True Enzo Ferrari Style
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The Italian automaker Ferrari has filed patents revealing that its future supercars could feature an electrified exhaust note. The company recognises the importance of sound, both to provide driving pleasure and aiding performance. It plans to tackle this challenge by amplifying the real sounds emitted from the electric motors.

Ferrari is set to introduce its inaugural electric supercar in 2025. After teasing electrification on the SF90, this model will be fully electrified. Consequently, it won't produce the same powerful roar of a V12 or the distinctive rumble of a turbocharged hybrid V6.

Rather than creating a synthesised engine sound like when Dodge originally introduced the concept of an electric muscle car, Ferrari is taking a distinct approach. They plan on amplifying the noises produced by the motors that give power to the vehicle.

This patent relates to a device that produces a sound that can be connected to an electric motor.

Image: Ferrari

I'm certainly excited to hear what comes of this fascinating approach. Do we really have to have electric vehicles attempting to match the roar of a powerful V8? YES PLEASE!

Another Patent by Ferrari

Filed in June of 2019 and released on Jan. 26th 2022, entitled 'ELECTRIC OR HYBRID SPORT CAR'. It reveals both the design and inner workings of the electric vehicle made by Ferrari.

This patent reveals a huge mid-mounted battery pack of an unknown capacity. Accompanying this is up to three additional, smaller batteries set in the floor, attached to a subframe connecting it to the main structure of the vehicle. It could be used for hybrids as speculated by this patent, in addition to fully electric cars.

Ferrari Purosangue

Maranello's Prancing Horse unveiled their first ever four-seater sedan: the Purosangue. The car is powered by their iconic naturally-aspirated V12 engine and has the capacity to generate 715-hp. It boasts vehicle dynamics usually found in their most extreme sports cars, making it an authentic Ferrari four-door sports car. With its innovative design, the Purosangue sets a new standard for the automotive industry.

Image: Ferrari
Additional News

Polestar Opened a New Space On Madrid's Renowned Golden Mile Replaces Ferrari Santogal

Swedish EV manufacturer Polestar, a brand owned by Volvo group and Geely, recently opened the second 'space' in Spain. Their new headquarters is known as the Polestar Space.

Polestar And Volvo The First To Access Google New HD Maps.

The Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3, both of which are underpinned by Volvo's Scalable Product Architecture (SPA2) and utilise Google's Android Automotive operating system.

Polestar Expects To Sell 80K EV's in 2023! 60% YOY Growth

In 2023, Polestar anticipates worldwide production to rise by almost 60%, likely reaching 80,000 cars. This growth is expected to be driven mainly by strong sales of Polestar 2, and will be further reinforced in the latter part of the year with the first handovers of Polestar 3.

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