Fisker PEAR Exterior Design New Images - Pre Orders Exceed $160M UDS

Fisker PEAR Exterior Design New Images - Pre Orders Exceed $160M UDS
Fisker PEAR

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Fisker has unveiled the PEAR exterior design in new images. The shots provide a fresh look at the car's sleek and modern aesthetic.

At the Fisker's Q4 2022 earnings release, it issued captivating images of its upcoming Fisker PEAR. This cutting-edge EV has been garnering attention with its remarkable features, and the fresh snapshots illustrate its extraordinary exterior design more vividly than ever before.

Fisker has seen an impressive level of interest in their EV model, with over 5,600 reservations made. That totals 162,400,000 million USD.

Image: Fisker

The Fisker PEAR is the next step in the evolution of mobility. This revolutionary agile electric vehicle has been developed to meet the needs of global citizens and young urban innovators.

Mixing sustainability, technology, and design, it's a compact electric device approximately 4500mm long that features many industry-first features and clever storage options, plus seating for five. Intelligent and digitally connected, the PEAR offers intuitive control enhanced by sporty driving.

Starting price of $29,900², before any incentives, it's an affordable solution ready to kick-start the Personal Electric Automotive Revolution. Delivery of this futuristic vehicle is scheduled for 2024 – more details to follow.

The Foxconn factory in Lordstown is on track to begin production in the second half of 2024, with an anticipated peak output of 250,000 units per year.

The Fisker PEAR looks to revolutionise the EV market with its cutting-edge design and features. Initial reports has excited EV aficionados, eagerly awaiting its arrival in the near future. It's certain that Fisker has created an exceptional vehicle.

Image: Fisker

Fisker 2023 Plans & Long Term Objective To Offer Affordable Electric Cars

The automotive designer, Henrik Fisker, wants to offer an electric vehicle (EV) for purchase that is within one's financial reach.

Fisker Inc. CEO goes into detail on how to stay clear of production problems, constructing a genuinely inexpensive electric vehicle and why 2023 will be a decisive year for EVs.

The Fisker PEAR, or “Personal Electric Automotive Revolution,” is a smaller EV from Fisker Inc. The remarkable starting price of $29,900 - before any tax incentives - makes it an incredibly competitive offering.

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