Fisker World Breaker Pear SUV: A Game-Changer Under £30,000

Fisker World Breaker Pear SUV: A Game-Changer Under £30,000
IMAGE: Fisker
Fisker Pear: SUV Starting At £30,000
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At Fisker's Product Vision Day, the unveiling of the Pear was met with enthusiastic applause. The EV has been created from the ground up for young people living in cities, and is ranged to have a £30,000 starting price when it goes on sale in 2025.

The Pear boasts a design inspired by a glider, which is clear from the deep wrap-around windscreen. This visibility should come in handy for city driving, where this vehicle is anticipated to predominantly be. Additionally, its side bodywork features a flush rear-three-quarter window and roof with an integrated spoiler providing extra functionality as a solar panel - an ideal feature for sunny locations.

IMAGE: Fisker

Fisker Pear offers two seating configurations: a conventional five-seater layout or a six-seat setup that includes a three-seat bench in the front. No matter which option you choose, you can fold all the seats down for added lounging space. Plus, there's plenty of stowage room with the 'frunk,' located under the bonnet, and the Houdini boot tucked away in the rear bumper without taking up as much space when open. Fisker hasn't yet supplied capacities for either compartment. However, you would miss out on the giant swivelling infotainment screen that's usually included.

No information has been released yet on the electric range that will be available, but you can expect two battery options with the larger capacity providing more than 300 miles. It will come in either rear or four-wheel drive configurations and Fisker claims it will be an enjoyable ride.

What makes this car quite affordable (cheaper than a Peugeot e-208) is its 35 per cent fewer components in comparison with other cars. An example of this cost efficiency is that all the doors have identical armrests, which significantly reduce machining costs.

IMAGE: Fisker

The onboard computer of the car utilises fewer ECUs than its competitors, and it is connected to 5G for convenience in receiving over-the-air updates. Furthermore, its AI capability allows it to foresee defects before they become a problem.


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