New Alpine A290 Beta: The Revolutionary Electric Hot Hatch of the Future

New Alpine A290 Beta: The Revolutionary Electric Hot Hatch of the Future
New Alpine A290 Beta
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Alpine is reinventing itself as an all-electric performance brand, starting with the A290_β concept which its CEO confidently asserts will "transform the traditional hot hatchback".

A preview of Renault's forthcoming electric vehicle, the Alpine 5 EV, is due to land in 2024. This extensively reworked machine marks the first of a three-car 'dream garage' EV line-up from Alpine, which will then be succeeded by an all-new GT X-Over crossover and an updated A110 sports car.

Alpine will be dividing its upcoming collection into two categories: 'lifestyle' and 'sports car'. You can differentiate between the two by their three-number model number. With the first number signifying the size of the car (a 2 for a B-segment hatch, for example), and last two showing what kind (10 for sports cars and 90 for lifestyle). The β symbol is to designate it as a concept car. Have you got that?

Don't get too caught up in the naming scheme, because the A290_β is something you should really be getting excited about. It has a two-motor powertrain mounted on the front axle, and some design features important for concept cars that likely won't make it to production. Still, they are well worth seeing!

Alpine declares the A290_β provides a short wheelbase and broad track for improved stability and manoeuvrability. It shares a similar design to the Renault 5 EV but with aerodynamically designed bodywork, including a front bumper incorporating sizeable air intakes, air slots behind the headlights and a spoiler on the boot lid.

Alpine is yet to give the official word on how much power the car will churn out, though reports suggest it will come with two power levels: 160kW and 200kW approximately. The car houses two electric motors at its front.

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