NIO and CATL New Strategic Battery & Technology Partnership

NIO and CATL New Strategic Battery & Technology Partnership

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NIO and CATL  signed a five-year comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in the city of Ningde China to strengthen their partnership, with the intention of advancing their respective EV brands and technology, growing battery supply chains, and extending their reach into new markets.

"CATL is a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, committed to providing premier solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide." CATL Website

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd is a globally acclaimed energy technology firm and the largest EV battery producer in China. 2020 marked the fifth anniversary of their reign as the world’s premier battery manufacturer.

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CATL and NIO will continue to capitalise on their respective strong points to construct a battery supply system with increased efficiency, improved innovation and higher efficiency due to advanced battery technology; all of which will give smart electric vehicle users an enhanced travelling experience.

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"Wei Zhu, executive president of passenger vehicle business unit of CATL, and Alan Zeng, senior vice president of NIO, signed the agreement. Dr. Robin Zeng, founder, chairman and CEO of CATL, and William Li, founder, chairman and CEO of NIO, attended the signing ceremony." CATL Website

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This week, ARK Investment Management, under the leadership of Cathie Wood, kept adding shares in $TSLA / Tesla Inc.
ARK Innovation ETF and ARK Autonomous Tech & Robotics ETF were two funds that acquired 115,787 shares of the Elon Musk-led organisation on Tuesday. Simultaneously, ARK substantially reduced its interest in Nio Inc.

Can NIO Beat Their Quarterly Delivery Records By Selling 40K Plus EV's in Q1 of 2023!

NIO is known for setting new Q1 delivery records and beating the previous year's Q4 records. In Q4 of 2020, NIO delivered 17,353 EVs. The company then beating the said record in Q1 of 2021 and sold 20,060 EVs.

The New NIO EC7 Flagship Coupe SUV Come With 572 Miles Of Ranges

The all-new EC7 comes with 644bhp, 627 lb-ft twin-motor, four-wheel drive powertrain, this enables the vehicle to complete a 0-62mph acceleration within 3.8 seconds.

$NIO Cuts Q4 2022 Delivery Expectations.

Chinese EV startup NIO as EV cut deliveries expectations for December 2022. So far NIO has done well to deliver over 91,000 EVs in 2022. The company has sold 41K ES6s, 29,900 ES8s, and almost 30K EC6s. To say this company is undervalued is an understatement.

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