Polestar Luxury Brand Focus Over Range!

Polestar Luxury Brand Focus Over Range!
IMAGE: Polestar
Polestar CEO Prefers EV Features Over Range
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Designer-turned-CEO Thomas Ingenlath questions the importance of efficiency, emphasising "brilliant new ideas".  Polestar CEO said he would give up some of the efficiency and range of an electric car to ensure it has a distinctive visual identity.

IMAGE: Polestar

During his keynote speech at the Financial Times Future of the Car Conference in London, the speaker posed an intriguing question: "Must we all aspire to be the champions of efficiency? Should our sole focus be on attaining the longest and most impressive range?" The speaker's intention was to provoke thoughts and challenge the prevailing notion that the success of automobiles hinges solely on achieving maximum efficiency and range.

Thomas stated that he believes that to create a distinct brand identity, giving away one or two kilometres of range for certain characters of the car can be acceptable. The CEO also said he would advise Polestar customers to assume a certain percentage of reduced efficiency if it means more pronounced quality in the car’s character. Nonetheless, it is imperative that this amount is bearable.

IMAGE: Polestar

The concept of the Polestar 6 is to be seen as a two-seat roadster, the halo car for the brand. After it O2 concept car was welcomed with enthusiasm, Ingenlath thought that not producing this ground breaking car would be anything but irresponsible.

The unique feature of the upcoming Polestar 4 is that instead of a back window, there will be a flat rear deck and an overhead rearview camera to boost safety and visibility – something that Inglenth finds brilliant.

He pointed out that when looking at the innovation, it was not to be seen solely as ‘designer thing’, but rather a technology question, regarding the balance between visibility and safety. For years, he said they had been striving to merge those two concepts.

On the one hand, having a good view in your rearview mirror is important. At the same time, people sitting in the back would like to move the bar in that area farther away, yet this would interfere with its visibility. This presents us with a frustrating quandary: how can we resolve it without critics constantly writing about inadequate rearview vision?

Examining the potential of technology, you quickly realise that a video stream projected onto a screen can make all the difference. Suddenly, what was once a tiny, insignificant display is transformed. Not only does it have the benefit of creating new aesthetics, this innovation can also make an automobile appear more unusual than it was previously. It’s truly remarkable what this technology is capable of achieving.

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