The Electric Tanker with 96 Batteries

The Electric Tanker with 96 Batteries

PowerX, a battery startup firm, is devoted to revolutionising the way clean energy is used and exchanged worldwide.

Most of the world’s energy today is predominantly derived from fossil fuels, but PowerX has its sights set on the future with their electric-powered vessel that will transport renewable energy to locations in need.

As the world continues to make strides towards sustainability, there are some regions that are naturally suited for renewable energy sources, and others that have a more difficult time.

Fortunately, PowerX, a Japan-based startup, offers a solution with its revolutionary electric battery tanker: "X". With this invention, the transportation of clean energy is far more feasible than ever before.

PowerX has set out to create an intercontinental transfer system for renewable electricity--a “power transfer ship” that can take the energy around the world and form an “ocean power grid.” Last summer they announced their aim to construct a gigafactory in Japan which will produce a variety of products, such as battery storage solutions, superfast electric vehicle chargers (reaching 240kW) using renewable energy sources, as well as batteries for both maritime and household use.

Power Base, the corporation's gigafactory, has a 5 GWh annual production capacity - equivalent to around 10,000 battery storage units for its many offerings. Their debut vessel, “X” was presented at Monday’s Bariship International Maritime Exhibition.

X is a 140-meter-long electric-powered battery tanker that can carry clean energy by sea. It has an impressive cruising range of up to 300km, enabling it to move renewable energy from offshore windfarms, between two grids or even to isolated islands.

PowerX's electric tanker sports 96 (2.5 MWh) marine-grade LFP batteries, providing 241 MWh of renewable energy storage. Crafted with scalability in mind, the vehicle can be upgraded to manage additional batteries in the future. An on-board control system ensures a constant flow of vital information regarding charge levels and remaining battery life.

The firm is committed to finishing their first vessel by 2025, with tests in the field set to begin a year later. PowerX has joined forces with Kyushu Electric Power Co and Yokohama Municipality to make their concept a reality and tackle the climate issues of port activity. Believing in their ambition, the launch of Ocean Power Grid Inc., is due this year to manage the battery tanker business.

The electric tanker can bridge the gap between grids, offshore wind farms and islands with renewable energy, particularly in areas where it is difficult to deploy underground cables due to seismic activity or deep water. Thus, this will enable those regions with plentiful renewable energy to share their resources and bring forth a cleaner and more sustainable future for everyone.

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