Polestar And Candela Unveil Game-Changing Flying Boat

Polestar And Candela Unveil Game-Changing Flying Boat
Image: Polestar / Candela
Candela and Polestar Unveil Game-Changing Flying Boat
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Candela is a Swedish producer of premium-grade e-boats. Polestar and Candela partnership in a shared Co-Lab experience, both brands have manufactured the Candela C-8 Polestar edition - a breathtaking foiling boat that plainly demonstrates luxury electric performance on both dry land and water.

The subtle yet striking design of the Candela C-8 Polestar edition is something to be proud of. The sleek grey exterior is complemented by lighter grey highlights on the interior, with a specially designed seat upholstered in marine textile for durability and comfort. When the boat reaches high speeds and lifts out of the water, computer guided hydrofoils come into view, painted in iconic Polestar gold. These foils improve range, make for quieter rides and elevate the experience.

Image: Polestar / Candela

Polestar has been supplying Candela with its charging componentry since 2022, and recently achieved a new milestone in providing the C-8 Polestar edition with their battery, which offers a superior experience while travelling in a foiling boat.

When it comes to hydrofoil electric boats, you can count on Candela. The Scandinavian boat builder has been supplying marinas with their high-performance models for a while now. Recent collaboration with Swedish electric carmaker Polestar has produced the new edition of the acclaimed C-8 hydrofoil boat.

Image: Polestar / Candela

The Candela C-8 Polestar edition is driven by the same battery as the Single motor Polestar 2 in the Standard range. Delivering a noteworthy range and silent operation, it's demonstrated to be an impressive energy source on land. This partnership between Candela and Polestar is not only about supplying power components; our relationship goes much farther than that. We both agree that electrically propelled mobility, engineering, and invention should never be limited by creativity. The collaborative effort of our two companies is apparent through this model, which shows that decisive action towards sustainability can also be the superior decision.

Image: Polestar / Candela
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