The Future of RV Travel: Airstream and Porsche Collaborate for a Sleek, High-Tech Camper

The Future of RV Travel: Airstream and Porsche Collaborate for a Sleek, High-Tech Camper

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The joint vision of two companies – a travel trailer made to be towed by an electric vehicle – was presented at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.

Airstream and Studio F.A. Porsche have teamed up to create a concept travel trailer that is suitable to be towed by a small SUV or an electric vehicle, and also able to fit into a garage when not in use. This concept showcases styling with classic Airstream elements plus innovative features like the pop-top roof that increases the interior headroom.

The result of Airstream's and Porsche's transatlantic alliance is a sleek travel trailer concept that made its debut at SXSW in Austin, Texas. It has been created for towing by a small SUV or an electric vehicle, with the intention to present an idea of how a city-orientated camper might appear.

The design team took extra care to improve the aerodynamic performance of this concept Porsche-designed Airstream. They decided on a truncated, flat rear end, which helps to reduce drag and also allows for a hatchback setup to open the interior to the outside. To reduce weight and further cut drag, composite materials such as carbon fiber were used along with aluminum exterior panels, though without traditional Airstream rivets. The trailer's underside is also completely smooth, again helping it slip through the air more easily.

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