The Iris eTrike Takes Inspiration from the Sinclair C5

The Iris eTrike Takes Inspiration from the Sinclair C5
The Iris eTrike Takes Inspiration from the Sinclair C5
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The stylish Iris eTrike, created by the nephew of Sir Clive Sinclair and resembling the Sinclair C5, is edging nearer to production in early 2021 with a new look.

The infamous Sinclair C5 was released in 1985 – an electric three-wheeler, intended to replace cars and bikes. Now seen as an commercial and marketing failure, it appears that the product was blessed with foresight – just too far ahead of its time.

The C5 was an early version of the modern e-bike. Despite being hampered by the technology and attitudes of its day, its aim to provide effortless urban mobility is now highly in demand.

The IRIS eTrike, created by Grant Sinclair, comes with an ergonomic upright bucket seat that can be folded down to provide access to a lockable 100+ litre rear compartment. With a supplied RFID key fob, the storage can be accessed both internally and externally.

The tricycle is constructed from EPP foam with chromoly steel and features LED headlamps and indicator-repeaters for visibility on the road, while a weatherproof aviation acrylic canopy provides mist-resistant protection.

The IRIS eTrike is equipped with a removable Lithium-Ion battery offering a maximum range of 30 miles on one charge. Sinclair's motor, which ranges from 250 to 1000 Watts, can easily climb even the steepest hills.

It also comes with an LCD display showing speed, distance, battery charge and power mode. With its three wheels and start-up via pedaling detection, requiring no throttle, no balancing skills are necessary to enjoy this ride. For added convenience the tires are puncture-proof and there is a universal smartphone dock for music playback or GPS use. Finally, the unique rear-view camera provides real-time streaming video to the docked device.


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