The All New NIO ES8 SUV Flagship. Coming in June 2023.

The All New NIO ES8 SUV Flagship. Coming in June 2023.
NIO Redefine Prime The All New ES8.

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The New Nio ES8 comes with six comfy seats, the new ES8 is based on the NIO's second-generation platform. The new flagship ES8 will be able to Automatically plan the route for battery swap stations then automatically complete the battery swap and automatically drive out of the service area and back to the highway. This feature will roll out in the first half of 2023. ES8 showcases two electric motors with a maximum output of 480 kW and a 0 to 100 km/h of 4.1 seconds.

The new flagship ES8 comes with rich colours inspired by the sky. This includes 7 exterior colours curated for your unique palette, including NIO colours of 2023 and one new colour exclusively made for the ES8.

The ES8 pricing will start at around $75,000 for the 75 kWh battery and $84,000 for 100 kWh. The new flagship SUV is on sale now, with the ES8 deliveries expected by June 2023 in China.
The ES8 come fully loaded with ADB intelligent multi-beam headlights that allow for projected patterns or animations, reduce glare, and emit alerting beams with Lidar and cameras.

We have created a video about this the NIO ES8. Please check it out for a more visual & audible perspective.

The new ES8 has a longer body size than the old model. It comes with enhanced head-up display system. The new ES8 comes with 7 seats instead of seven-seat version similar to the old version. The CEO William Li as said based on customers sales data of ES8, the sales for the six-seat version is much greater than the seven-seater. This was an incredible bold decision by NIO to switch to 6 seats.

The new stations by NIO will produce up to 500kW ultra-fast charging and the 3rd generation battery swap station adopts a new power swapping mode, raising capacity to 408 swaps per day, a 30% increase compared with the second-generation version. With a maximum current of 650A and a maximum power of 500kW, it takes only 20 minutes to charge the 100kWh battery pack from 10% to 80%.

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