This 3D-Printed Pod Home Will Make You Feel Like You're Living on Mars

This 3D-Printed Pod Home Will Make You Feel Like You're Living on Mars
This 3D-Printed Pod Home Living on Mars
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AI SpaceFactory recently made history by winning NASA's competition to design a home on Mars. To top it off, they are now offering an incredible opportunity to stay in the one-of-a-kind dwelling called TERA. Constructed using the exact same biopolymer basalt composite that was used for the prototype, TERA was subjected to extensive testing before finally collapsing. This is your chance to explore beyond Earth!

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  1. "We made a house with a bump! Muhu is a new era design villa from which dome window you can enjoy the beauty of the night sky. Muhu is born in collaboration with @aksohaus and @ktarchitects"
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