Monument #1 - Apple New Bank, Newsletter

Monument #1 - Apple New Bank, Newsletter
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A Short Investors Tale!

Getting a good night's sleep is key for achieving maximum productivity. Hard work does not guarantee success. Taking just 1% extra effort can put you ahead of the majority. Many potential entrepreneurs/creators fail because they are never prepared to get their hands dirty and do what it takes.

Apple is the Gold Standard for a great company, great marketing, great management, great products. The more characteristics Polestar shares with Apple, the more my confidences rises. $APPLE $PSNY

Apple Card’s new high-yield Savings account is now available, offering a 4.15 percent APY

Apple's new high yield savings account was a hit, amassing $990 million in the space of four days. On the very first day alone, nearly $400 million was deposited. Two sources familiar with the situation were able to shed light on this story.

The account's attractive annual return of 4.15% and the fact that iPhones are everywhere means many people are signing up for it, considering most banks only pay a bit over 0.5%. According to one source, in the first week alone, approximately 240,000 accounts were created. The account is provided through Goldman Sachs Bank USA’s partnership with Apple. Goldman’s own savings account under its consumer brand Marcus offers an interest rate of 3.90%, which is lower than what Apple is offering. Neither company wanted to comment when asked about the number of deposits and accounts created.


I've seen investors criticise $NFLX for taking out debt to produce more content. They said "why would I invest in a company who takes out debt?" Fair question. Those same investors now sold their $META shares and invested in Netflix after realising $DIS won't beat $NFLX easily.

Anyone thinking the Polestar 4 is not a SUV, it’s actually a bigger car than the #Porsche Mecan in length and width.

P4 Overall length is 4,839 mm, width is 2,139 mm and 2,999 mm wheelbase.

Macan has a length of 4726mm, width of 2097mm and a wheelbase of 2807mm. $PSNY #Polestar

Polestar and Tesla

I happened to believe there is a similar correlation with Polestar and Tesla. Investors are probably wondering why should I invest in $PSNY when I can invest in a better opportunity in $TSLA! Your answer lies within this article.

Porsche and Polestar

I have compared Polestar to Apple. But now I believe it's time to compare #Polestar to #Porsche.
What Polestar is to Volvo is the same as what Porsche is to VW as a company!
They are brands, branding is everything, your association is everything, aligned with success. $PSNY

VW confirmed via Twitter - New e-car factory for the U.S. $2B investment, 4,000 new jobs & more choices for our U.S.

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Every Value Investor Favourite Chart
Image: Visual Capitalist
The Top 100 Most Valuable Brands in 2022
A strong brand is extremely lucrative when leveraged properly. Here’s a look at the most valuable brands in 2022, according to Brand Finance.
The internet is free university.

Learn about Arc by The Browser Company

We wrote an article on it. Click the logo below!

Arc is far from being flawless, and it might take some getting used to. Nonetheless, it has a range of considerable new concepts about how to interact with the web – and most of them are correct.


Set Up Inspiration!

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NIO EC7 Flag-Ship SUV Starts Delivery

The NIO's EC7 is on it's way to Europe. With its aerodynamic shape and drag coefficient of 0.23 Cd, this luxury SUV is one of the most streamlined vehicles on the market.

NIO Announces Alps and Firefly Starting at £23,500

The NIO Group is in the process of developing two separate budget-friendly brands, dubbed Alps and Firefly, for the time being. The definitive labels for these projects are yet to be determined.

NIO CFO Confirms 250K 2023 Delivery Target!

Shares of NIO Inc. ($NIO) are back on the rise after the company's CFO, Mr Feng, said he was "very confident" that the electric vehicle manufacturer would hit its 250,000 annual sales target for 2023.

Breaking: NIO To Launch ET5 Delivery in Germany on Mar 31

NIO (NYSE: $NIO) will deliver the ET5 in Germany during the final days of March, fulfilling their prior pledge to begin deliveries of the sedan in Europe this month. NIO is launching the 'First Mover' campaign via their European version of the App.

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