Upcoming YouTube Entrepreneurs You Should Be Watching

Upcoming YouTube Entrepreneurs You Should Be Watching

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Shevon Salmon

Shevon Salmon is currently a Tech/Lifestyle YouTuber in Canada. His YouTube channel currently has 277K subscribers after a very successful year in 2022. Originally from Jamaica, Shevon has been a content creator since early 2016.

2023 promise to be a big year for Shevon, the most exciting prospect to his statement, this year he's planning to buy his first rental property, for most entrepreneur, this is an essential path.

Recent Projects

Shevon wallpaper packs "Gumroad"

3D Room Designs I Created inspired by Shevon videos
Andres Vidoza

Andres Vidoza is a tech "Youtube Content Creator", his channel consists of technology, home lifestyle and motoring. Andres's video styles are now widely recognised with a signature distinction separating his channel from the masses.

Recent Projects

Andres "Canvogh" Poster bussines is emmersive. He has a wide range of posters featuring athletes such as Lewis Hamilton, Mohamed Ali, and Lionel Messi.

3D Room Design of Andres studio.
Justin Tse

Justin Tse is a content creator focused on technology, lifestyle and automotive. Justin has been creating videos on youtube since Feb 2012.

He reviews smartphones, laptops, and computers. The best example is perhaps the most fascinating and that's Justin's real-estate business.

Buying, renovating and renting properties has become more than just a business for Justin, it's become a true passion.

3D Room Design of Justin studio.
Tayo Aina

Tayo Aina is expanding his audience and knowledge of the world, by exploring and revealing a side of the African continent the traditional media often avoids. Tayo passion is to travel and tell "meaningful stories". His adventurous videos are captivating, education and exciting.

Patrick Tomasso

Patrick is pursuing filmmaking and he often reviews and analyse movie cinematography on his channel.

Oliur Rahman

Oliur is a British designer and content creator whose web design work has gathered a large amount of following on Dribbble. He began his career as a visual designer and currently he spends his time creating tech and financial YouTube videos, he also manages his e-commerce store "Ultralinx".

Kitai / Monument

Last but not least is My very own Youtube channel "Monument" I post daily videos based on electric cars and stock updates!

Additional News

Polestar Opened a New Space On Madrid's Renowned Golden Mile Replaces Ferrari Santogal

Swedish EV manufacturer Polestar, a brand owned by Volvo group and Geely, recently opened the second 'space' in Spain. Their new headquarters is known as the Polestar Space.

Polestar And Volvo The First To Access Google New HD Maps.

The Volvo EX90 and Polestar 3, both of which are underpinned by Volvo's Scalable Product Architecture (SPA2) and utilise Google's Android Automotive operating system.

Polestar Expects To Sell 80K EV's in 2023! 60% YOY Growth

In 2023, Polestar anticipates worldwide production to rise by almost 60%, likely reaching 80,000 cars. This growth is expected to be driven mainly by strong sales of Polestar 2, and will be further reinforced in the latter part of the year with the first handovers of Polestar 3.

YouTube channel
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